Film Credits


"Standing in the Shadows of Motown"
Director: Paul Justman. Starring: the Funk Brothers, Joan Osborne, Bootsy Collins, Chaka Khan, Meshell Ndegeocello, Ben Harper, Montel Jordan, Tom Scott
* TEC Award "Music Mixer" Music mixer/Re-recording mixer/Sound Supervisor

"Comic Book Villains" Lions Gate Films
Director: James Robinson
Starring: D.J Qualls, Michael Rapaport, Donol Logan, Natash Lyonne
Sound Designer/Sound Supervisor

"Hellraiser - Hellseeker" Dimension Films
Director: Rick Bota
Starring: Dean Winters, Doug Bradley, Ashley Lawrence
Sound Supervisor

"Route 666" Lions Gate Films
Director: Bill Westly
Starring: Lou Diamond Philips, Lori Petty
Re-recording mixer/Sound Supervisor

"Larceny" M.O.W.
Director: Todd Strauss-Schulson
Re-recording mixer

"One of the Hollywood Ten" Theatrical/Alibi Films International
Director: Carl Francis. Starring: Jeff Goldblum, Greta Scacchi
Sound Supervisor

"Very Mean Men"
Director: Tony Vitale
Starring: Martin Landeau, Ben Gazzara, Louise Fletcher, Scott Baio
Sound Designer/Sound Supervisor

"The Convent" Alpine Pictures
Director: Mike Mendez
Starring: Coolio, Joanne Canton, Megahan Perry
Sound Designer/Sound Supervisor

"Trois" Rainforest Productions/Theatrical
Director: Rob Hardy
Starring: Thomas Jefferson Byrd, Gary Dourdan, Kenya Moore, Gretchen Palmer
Re-recording mixer/Sound Supervisor

"Stanley’s Gig"
Director: Marc Lazard
Starring: Faye Dunaway, William Sanderson, and Marla Gibbs
Sound Supervisor

"The Substitute III – Winner Takes All"
Artisan Entertainment/HBO Premier
Director: Robert Radler Starring: Trent Williams, Rebecca Staab, Claudia Chrisien
Sound Designer/Sound Supervisor

"Candyman III - Day of the Dead"
Artisan Entertainment/HBO Premier
Director: Turi Meyer. Starring: Tony Todd, Donna DíErrico
Sound Designer/Sound Supervisor

"I Kina Spiser Man Hunde"
Denmark -Foreign Film/Theatrical
Director: Lesse Spang Olsen
Starring: Kim Bodnia, Dejan Cukic, Peter Gantzler, Soren Saetter Lasse
Sound Designer/Sound Supervisor

"Out in Fifty" Amco Entertainment
Director: Scott Leet and Bojesse Christopher
Starring: Christine Applegate, Mickey Rourke, Peter Greene
Sound Supervisor

"Limp" Goal Line Productions
Director: Duane Lavold.
Starring: Michael Hutchence, Duane Lavold, Robbie Sutton,
Re-recording mixer/Sound Supervisor

"The Waiting Game"
Director: Ken Liotti
Re-recording mixer/Sound Supervisor

"Blair Witch Project" Artisan Entertainment
*T.V. version only*
Sound Editor

"Joseph’s Gift" Alpine pictures
Director: Phillipe Mora
Starring: Bryon James, Freddy Rodriguez, Marcel Marceau, John Saxon
Sound Designer/Sound Supervisor

"When the Bough Breaks II - Perfect Prey"
Director: Howard McCain,
Starring: Kelly McGillis, Bruce Dern, HBO Premier
Sound Designer/Sound Supervisor

"Suicide Kings" Artisan Entertainment/Theatrical
Director: Peter O’Fallon.
Starring: Christopher Walken, Denis Leary,
Sound Designer/Sound Supervisor

"Broken Vessels" UniPix /Theatrical
(Best Film Los Angeles Film Festival)
Director: Scott Ziehl.
Starring: Todd Field, Jason London, Roxanna Zal,
Re-Recording Mixer /Sound Designer/Sound Supervisor

"Legacy" ABS-CBN Ent. /HBO Premier
Director: T.J. Scott. Starring: David Hasselhoff, Rod Steiger, Corin Nemec,
Sound Designer/ADR Supervisor

"Wishmaster II - Evil Never Dies"
Artisan Entertainment/HBO Premier
Director: Jack Sholder. Starring: Holly Field, Andrew Divoff ,
Re-Recording Mixer /Sound Designer/Sound Supervisor

"Belly" Artisan Entertainment
T.V. version only*
Sound Editor

"P.U.N.K.S." Disney
Director: Sean Macamara
Starring: Randy Quiad, Henry Winkler
Sound Designer/Sound Supervisor

"T.N.T." Interlight Pictures/HBO Premier
Director: Robert Radler ,
Starring: Oliver Gruner, Eric Roberts, Randy Travis,
Sound Designer/ADR Supervisor

"Blood Sport IV" FM Entertainment
Director: Elvis Restaino
Sound Designer/Sound Supervisor

"The Fanatics" Charm City Pictures
Director: Mark Lasky. Starring: Ed AsnerSound Supervisor

"D.N.A." Interlight Pictures/HBO Premier
Director: William Mesa,
Starring Jurgen Prohnow, Mark Dacascos
Sound Designer/Sound Supervisor

"Black Circle Boys" Alliance Pictures
Director: Matthew Carnahan
Starring: Dee Wallace, Scott Baristow, Eric Mabius, Chad Lindberg,
Heath Loerwood, Donnie Wallberg, Tar Subkoff
Re-Recording Mixer Sound Designer/Sound Supervisor

"Touched by Evil" M.O.W.
Director: James L. Cotner
Starring: Paula Abdul, Adrian Pasdar
Sound Supervisor

"Bombshell" Trimark Pictures
Director: Paul Wynne,
Starring Henry Thomas, Frank Whaley, Madchen Amick
Re-Recording Mixer Sound Designer/Sound Supervisor

"The Water Engine" MOW
Director: Steven Schachter
Starring: William H Macy, Joe Mantegna, Charles Durning, Treat Williams
Re-Recording Mixer

"T Bone ‘n Weasel" MOW
Director Lewis Teague
Staring Gregory Hines, Christopher Lloyd, Rip Torn
Re-Recording Mixer

"Habitation of Dragons"
Director: Michael Llindsay Hogg
Staring Jean Stapleton, Hawthorn James
Re-Recording Mixer

"Man of the Year" Independent/Theatrical
Director: Dirk Shafer, Starring: Dirk Shafer
Re-Recording Mixer/Sound Supervisor



"Choose Your Own Adventure" Mike Young Productions/Lean Forward Media
William H. Macy, Interactive DVD
Sound Designer/Re-Recording Mixer



"Hello Again Everybody" The Harry Carey Story –PBS
Sound Editor/Re-Recording Mixer

"Intimate Portrait" - Sean Connery,
Lifetime/Tele Image France, Sound Supervisor/Mixer
"South Central" (L.A. Riots)
Discovery Channel / KCET Sound Supervisor/Mixer
"Liberation" Sound Designer
Simon Weisenthall Foundation

"Israel at Fifty" Sound Designer
Simon Weisenthall Foundation

COMMERCIALS (Editorial & Mix)
Nintedo "Mission Impossible" Three Thirty Company
Nike "I Got It" (Golden Clio Award) Weiden/Kennedy
Nike Australia , "Mystery Ball" Weiden/Kennedy
"Lion King" Fattel, Collins/ Disney
U.N.I.C.E.F., Artist Company
Pontiac, Artist company
Infiniti I30, Fattel Collins
L.A. Gear, Paul Justman Productions
People of the Longhouse (P.S.A.) P.B.S.


"Beverly Hills 90210" (seasons one & two) Re-Recording Mixer
"Twin Peaks" (last season) Re-Recording Mixer
"Baby Bob" Dia & FX Editor
"Sabrina the Teenage Witch" Dia & FX Editor
"Sweet Valley High" Dia/ ADR Supervisor
"Breaker High" Dia/ ADR Supervisor
"Mystic Knights" Dia/ ADR Supervisor
"Murder One" Pilot FX Editor


"Daniel Boone"
"Peter Gunn"
"Robin Hood"
"Yancy Derringer"
"Sir Lancelot"


Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
Star Trek IV The Last Voyage Home
Children of a Lesser God
Howard the Duck
The Karate Kid Part 2
Out of Africa
Death of a Salesman
Into the Night
The River
Mass Appeal
First Born
The Karate Kid
Under the Volcano
Star Trek III The Search for Spock
Police Academy
To Be or Not to Be
Gorky Park
The Day After
Terms of Endearment
The Right Stuff
Easy Money
Yellow beard
Trading Places
Doctor Detroit
Bad Boys
48 Hours

Falcon Creast
Happy Days


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